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What is a Cloud Server?
Cloud Server is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple servers such that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. Each Cloud Server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each Cloud Server can be independently rebooted. Each Cloud Server has its own allocation of CPU resources, memory, and disk space, which cannot be used by any other Cloud Server on the same physical server.

A Cloud Server fills the huge performance gap between entry-level, shared hosting and expensive dedicated hosting. Our basic Cloud05 Cloud Server will smoke any shared package you can find in terms of performance and reliability. The Cloud1 Cloud Server rivals a fully dedicated server, at a fraction of the price. And every Cloud Server package gives you full root access, instant reboots, full Linux installation and the ability to install whatever software you want, as well as the ability to host multiple web sites at the same time - at the same flat monthly rate.

If you have multiple web sites or are a web developer or a reseller - this is the perfect platform to host all your web sites in one place at a fraction of the cost of multiple shared server accounts, or a fully dedicated server.

Included in every Cloud Server package
  • Full root access and rebooting capability
  • CentOS v6.x or v5.x operating system (your choice)
  • Dedicated IP addresses (1 IP included at no extra cost)
  • Tier-1 redundant bandwidth from 7 different providers
  • Redundant power sources, battery backups and power generators
  • Top of the line dual CPU Quad Core Intel Xeon 56xx series servers
  • Fast RAID-10 disk storage
  • Reserved and Guaranteed RAM allocation
  • Guaranteed CPU allocation and ability to use more when resources are available
  • 8-core servers running Xen virtualization instances
  • Automated daily and weekly backups (optional service)
  • Managed firewall and Brute Force Detection (optional services)
  • Cloud Server uptime monitoring from 3 different locations, every 15 seconds
  • Private IPs for inter-cloud communication (connect 2 or more Cloud Servers)
  • High Availability (HA) and load balancing capabilities
  • All servers running with fixed usage limits, below full capacity

Optional add-ons
  • Parallels© Plesk Panel
  • Plesk Application Pack with SpamAssassin and over 50 web apps with one-click installers
  • cPanel web control panel + WHM management system
  • cPanel Fantastico Deluxe add-on
  • DirectAdmin web control panel
  • Webmin web control system
  • Virtualmin web control panel
  • Managed Firewall & Brute Force Detection systems
  • Nightly and weekly backups
  • Advanced VDS uptime monitoring system with SMS notifications
  • Choice of multiple e-commerce applications
  • Fully managed PCI security updates





[] Quad Core Dual Intel Xeon CPU servers for maximum performance

[] Quality Server Components & Network Setup

[] Urchin v5 web log analytics

[] 30 Day UNCONDITIONAL Money Back Guarantee

[] 100% Customer Retention Ratio

[] 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

[] 100% Bandwidth Availability Guarantee

[] Daily and Weekly Server Backups

[] Service & Support

[] Technical Support

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